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Source: Other | | 19/07/2020

High Street retailers will have watched with dismay as competitors take their market share – not by businesses in their local business community – but globally, as consumers in the UK switch their attention from shopping trips to online retailers.

In the coming months, and perhaps longer term, footfall is unlikely to increase due to social distance restrictions and reluctance on the part of shoppers to step outside their protective family bubbles. And this trend could spread to other business sectors.

Businesses selling goods or services might be advised to revisit their websites and see what can be done to improve or introduce online order and payment facilities. There are countless eCommerce solutions out there.

Obviously, you need to be selling something that is desired. You need to be competitively priced and have a delivery solution that moves your goods to your customer rather than waiting for your customer to collect.  

Enhancing your online footprint is almost always a win-win investment. Speak to your website developer. If they are reluctant to embrace the online shopping idea speak to a developer that is…

And if you are concerned by the cost of the improvements, by all means call so we can help you crunch the numbers and consider what funding requirements you could consider.


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